ASI Chicago Show 2019

This past week, our team headed up to the Windy City to attend the ASI Chicago Show. Tempted by all that Chicago had to offer (deep dish pizza), we were on a mission–to share our hot, new products with potential customers such as yourself. We had the opportunity to talk to hundreds of distributors attending the event and show off our amazing new products such as the ST01B-US, UV01, WB07 and many more.



We handed out the TL14-US as our free giveaway and it was a HIT! The Utility Card includes a ruler, letter opener, box opener, screwdriver and a bottle opener just to name a few.

One distributor said, “It’s nice to have a credit card sized tool that has so many functions. Just slip it in your wallet and you’re good to go.”


We were so excited to show off our hot and new products. Here are some GREAT uses you can get out of our most popular items.

WB07 – Have you ever brought your phone to the beach and gotten it covered in sand or splashed by water? Our Dry Bag is a 2-liter weatherproof bag that keeps all of your items dry and safe from water. This bag not only protects your items from these elements, but it also has a plastic cover that allows you to use your phone while staying covered. This is a summer time necessity.

ST01B-US – The fight against plastic straw use is a topic the world can’t stop talking about. According to National Geographic, “One study published earlier this year estimated as many as 8.3 billion plastic straws pollute the world’s beaches.” The Marvinstone Pro is the ultimate solution to this issue. The Marvinstone Pro is a metal, reusable, eco-friendly, rubber tipped alternative to the harmful plastic straws that have been filling our oceans.

UV01 – Sunburns. We’ve all been there. You’re out by the pool all day and somehow time gets away. Next thing you know, you’re the color of a tomato. Then you’re stuck thinking, “if only I just remembered to put on sunscreen.” The UV Sun Band is here to help. The central part of the band changes color depending on the intensity of the UV radiation. It can check low, moderate, high and extreme levels of sun UV radiation in seconds of sun exposure. This bracelet will always alert you about potential overexposure to the sun’s harmful UV rays. So no more forgetting to put on sunscreen.

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