Tailgate Season!

It’s about to be the best season of the year. TAILGATING SEASON! Football, friends, food, music and sunshine. It really doesn’t get much better than that. The cardinal rule of tailgating is that you can’t show up empty-handed. Of course, you can bring food or drinks, but what about the items everyone forgets to bring. The KEY items that make a tailgate GREAT compared to good. We are here to provide you with these game-changing items that will ensure you have an amazing Saturday.


Our UV Sun Band is exactly what you need this tailgating season. Remembering to put sunscreen on at the beach or pool is so much more natural than it is for a tailgate. Why is that? We’re exposed to just as much UV radiation, but it’s so easy to get distracted by all the fun. The central part of the band changes color depending on the intensity of the UV radiation. It can check low, moderate, high and extreme levels of sun UV radiation in seconds of sun exposure. This bracelet will always alert you about potential overexposure to the sun’s harmful UV rays. So no more forgetting to put on sunscreen.


BO14-US – You’re at a tailgate, it’s hot outside and all you want is a nice cold drink. You pick up the drink and you realize you have nothing to open it with. The Card Cracker is here to make sure that doesn’t happen again. This credit card sized bottle opener fits right in your pocket or wallet, so you’ll always have it on you.

SP76-US – Take a second and think about all the fun events you’ve been to. What’s one thing they all have in common? MUSIC! The Power Pulse Plus is the perfect sized speaker to bring to a tailgate. This 4.5″ x 3.5″ Bluetooth speaker has incredible sound quality AND it also functions as a wireless phone charger.

JB39-US – The stress of having a dead phone on a game day is terrifying. Walking around a stadium trying to find your friends with no form of communication is overwhelming. The Dual Power Box is a 5000mAh powerbank that can charge two devices simultaneously. Enjoy your day a bit more with this device.

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