Here at LogoIncluded, we are reinventing wireless charging with our brand new, Suction Charge Pad! This is unlike any other wireless charger we sell. What make it so different? It suctions to the back of your phone allowing you to continue on with your daily tasks like texting, answering calls, and playing games, while continuing to charge your phone. While our other wireless chargers are great and functional, the Suction Charge Pad takes it to a whole new level.

How does it work?

Plug the charging cord into a working USB port and suction the unit onto the back of your phone. Now, your phone is charging and you’re able to pick it up to answer that important phone call while not wasting valuable charging time! Whether you are in your car, sitting at your desk, or playing games on your phone, you can guarantee that your phone is still charging!


The WC20 has a sleek aesthetic to it. It’s compact, slim, lightweight, and has strong suction cups. This new and improved Qi wireless charger allows you to get your daily tasks done while still getting a charge. Are you ready to give it a try? Email our sales team today for your sample!

Check out this video!

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