Charging Your Phone Has Never Been Easier

When you are going on vacation or attending a sporting event, keeping your electronics charged is crucial. Powerbanks are common these days because they provide portable power to charge devices anywhere from your cell phone, to battery powered headphones and speakers. We are introducing two of our favorites, the Juice Box Onyx and the Dual Power Box.

Juice Box Onyx (JB40-US)

This 4000mAh powerbank is a wireless charging pad that is not only portable, but reliable! This charge pad allows you to charge any device with a USB, or simply charge your phone by setting it down on the center of the powerbank. How easy is that?

Dual Power Box (JB39-US)

The Dual Power Box is something to get excited about! What makes this powerbank so unique is that its 5000mAh capacity can charge 2 USB devices at once. Not to mention, this powerbank is much smaller! Not only is it easy to carry around, but is so powerful!

Key-Cable (CB34-US)

What else do you need to go along with these powerbanks? A keychain cable! With Type-C, Lightning and standard USB connections, this keychain is perfect for iPhone and Android users. This makes it easy to go anywhere without having to drag your entire cables around to charge your devices.

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