PPPC Natcon Show 2019

The LI team ventured out to Toronto for the PPPC Natcon Show September 10 & 11. We really enjoyed the nice change in weather from the 90° heat here in HOTlanta. We met with several great distributors and showed off our new products. In case you missed us, some of the great products we showcased were EB45-US, UV01 and SC21-US.


We gave away the ST01B-US as a free giveaway. This hot item definitely sucked up everyone’s attention! If you haven’t seen our stainless steel straw, request a sample so you can ditch the plastic and join the craze.


More popular products we featured at the show!

EB45-US – EarMigos Plus is our version of the AirPods! Sleek wireless earbuds in a handy charging case. Works with any bluetooth enabled phone.

UV01 – UV Sun Band is a revolutionary band that changes color to inform when you’ve been overexposed to the sun. This is a game changer for the promo industry!

SC21-US – Spray & Wipe US makes it easy! Simply spray on your screen and wipe away the dust and filth from your device. It’s cute, easy and catches people’s eye!

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