New Portable Shavers!

Our new shavers are sure to make life easy when you’re in a hurry! Small and compact, these are offered with two different plug options to satisfy any charging need. Both also include a mini brush and small carrying bag for easy transport!

This PS02 Mini USB Shaver is convenient and lightweight. You can use this in your car or even in keep it in your desk drawer at work in case of an emergency. This shaver features two charging options. Got an important meeting and forgot to shave? No problem! Just grab the shaver and plug it into a powerbank for immediate use. You can also raise up the top the charger up to reveal an Android attachment underneath which plugs directly into your phone.

You can definitely shave some time off your busy schedule when you use the PS03 Mini Type-C Shaver! It is like the PS02 except it features a Type-C charger. Just plug into a Type-C device and it’s ready for use!

Why would I need this? I have a razor.

The Portable Shaver is a great item to have on-the-go! If you’re driving down the road and realized you ‘missed a spot‘… no problem. The Shaver will be a life saver! Have a last minute meeting and forgot to shave? Make sure you have the Portable Shaver handy!

Where could I use this?

There are multiple places you can use the Portable Shaver. After a workout at the gym, at the office, in your car. Keep it handy in your briefcase or at home if you run out of razors and need a quick shave. The possibilities are endless!

Who would want to use this?

The Portable Shaver is great for the businessman on-the-go and frequent travelers. But it doesn’t have to stop there. Everyone can benefit from this small, yet powerful device! Don’t leave home without it!

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