Travel Kits

LogoIncluded offers great Travel Kits to meet the needs of any situation. Never get caught with a dead battery again when you have one of our Travel Kits handy! These are a necessity for the frequent traveler or the Businessman on-the-go.

Stay on top of things when you have The Quick Kit by your side! This has everything you need and you can plug in your phone and charge immediately. It includes a wireless charger plus a micro-USB cable to power it up and a quick charging power adapter for a fast and effective charge. Just connect everything together, plug it into the wall, and drop your Qi-enabled phone on the charger. It’s that simple. Plus, it is packaged in a nice black box with the option to imprint right on top.

There’s no better travel partner than the Charge N Travel Kit. It has everything you’ll ever need to make sure your device stays charged. This includes a 2200mAh Portable Charger and a 4 Port USB AC Charger with a fold out plug. In addition it features a cable with USB, iPhone, Type-C USB and Micro-USB charging connectors. This kit will save you in any charging emergency!

More Travel Accessories

In addition to our Travel Kits, we offer many other accessories essential for your traveling needs.

This PS02 Mini USB Shaver is convenient and lightweight. Just connect with the USB output on your favorite power bank or another mobile device with the micro USB output. Or try the PS03 Mini Type-C Shaver which has an Apple connector and fits any Type-C device. It can be used in your car or keep it in your desk drawer at work in case of a sneaky 5 o’clock shadow. Quick and easy!

The Dual Power Box is a small, compact, and can hold up to 5000mAh per charge. What makes this power bank unique is that it allows you to charge two devices at the same time with it’s two standard USB ports.  Add a full color logo so that your company can be displayed for everyone to see!

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