Wireless Charge Pads

Tired of getting tangled up in all of those cords and trying to figure out which one goes where? Try a wireless charge pad and clean up the mess. Our Juice Box Onyx and Juice Box Onyx Plus are two great items that are perfect for anyone!

The Juice Box Onyx combines the portable reliability of a 4000mAh powerbank with a wireless charging pad. Charge any device with USB, or charge your phone by setting it down on the center of the Juice Box Onyx. This is a quick and easy way to juice up your phone! It’s slim, compact and you can take it with you anywhere. Add a full color logo to the Onyx and show everyone how you power up!

Love the features of the Juice Box Onyx but need a little extra? Try the Juice Box Onyx Plus which is a 10000mAh powerbank with multiple charging options. Simply charge USB or place the phone on top for a wireless charge. 

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