Last Minute Holiday Gifts

The Holidays are quickly approaching. Need a last minute gift? Let us help you wrap up your list! We have some great items that would be ideal for everyone!

The Reverb (SP71) The Reverb is a unique is a unique and portable speaker. Featuring two speakers for left and right stereo playback, the Reverb delivers a clear and immersive sound experience. These mini wireless speakers come with a four hour battery life and a micro USB port for convenient charging. A pair of silicon stands and travel ropes are also included to make these speakers easily portable. Keep them at your desk or in your bag for clear, stereo sound wherever you go.

Looking for something else? Check out these items…

The EarMigos Plus (EB45-US) are just like our original EarMigos, but with a slimmer and more compact design. The Earbuds are much smaller and the case is slimmer and more compact that still charge the earbuds when inserted. These still have call/answer ability, and have been upgraded to a touch style approach.

The Quick Kit (EK111) has everything you need for a QI charger so you’ll always be able to plug in your phone and start charging right away. Included is a wireless charger, a micro-USB cable, and a quick charging power adapter so that your phone charges fast! Simply connect everything together, plug it into the wall, and drop your Qi-enabled phone on the charger.

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