Domestic Stock

While we wait for our overseas factories to reopen, we have domestic stock in house. Below are a few of our popular items we currently have in stock. We can imprint a full color logo on your item and can ship in 24 hours!

The Wireless Pods are packaged in a nice, black case. With the comfortable silicone tips, these fit easily and securely in your ear and come with a charging cable.The bluetooth pods are ABS and silicone and have a 50 mAh battery. Full color logo imprint is available.

The Charge Max is an AC adapter with type C fast charging. Charge your type C mobile devices from 0 to 85% in about 30 minutes.This has one 18W PD and one 5V 2.4A USB AC charging port. This quick charging device is a must have for everyone!

The Wireless Charge Pad is sleek and has a Full Color Logo Option. It has rubber stoppers on the bottom so that it doesn’t slide. This is a good travel option as it takes up very little space in your bag. It has dual USB ports so that you can charge two devices at once!

For more information on our other Domestic items as well as our full line of products, please visit our website at

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