Spring Forward With These Cool Items

Spring is upon us and that means warmer weather, outdoor gatherings and Earth Day. We have many items that are perfect for your outdoor activities as well as Eco Friendly products. Check out these great giveaways for your next event!

ST04-US The Eco Wheat Straw is a great giveaway item at any event. This is trendy and Eco Friendly! The carrying case itself is made of biodegradable wheat straw, minus the carabiner. Open the case to reveal our one-of-a-kind, patented design stainless straw! This straw can be used with any size cup, has a black silicone tip, and comes with a great cleaning brush. Get yours today!

CT06 Give your customers a way to relax after working out or being in the heat with this Sublimated RPET Coldfront towel.  It’s made of Recycled Plastic Bottles and wraps around your head, neck, shoulders, or anywhere. Stay cool while helping the environment!

The TL12-US and TL13-US Blinder & Blinder Mini are cool and interesting takes on a standard flashlight. These illuminate in 360 degrees just like a lantern, but they use a COB ultra-bright LED light. They have convenient handles that you can use to hang or hold.

The TL07-US SOS Torch is the ultimate safety preparedness flashlight! With a LED Flashlight, Solid Red Beacon light, and Blinking Red Light for emergency situations.

The TL08-US Hang Light is a nice LED flashlight that works great for those who travel on foot, hike, or backpack! It’s perfect for hanging from your backpack strap, purse, or bag.

Never overheat when you have the FN05 Deluxe Fan handy! This accessory puts the power of a cool breeze in the palm of your hand. Simply plug the unit into your smartphone and enjoy refreshing, cool air wherever you are. The Deluxe Fan is compatible with the latest and older model smartphones. Take this with you to a concert, picnic and sporting event and be the envy of all your friends!

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