Remain Germ-Free with these Promo Items

Did you know your phone is one of the dirtiest objects you come in contact with everyday? Keeping your items at work and home clean is always a priority. It can sometimes be challenging, but we have the items you need to keep your areas sanitized and germ-free!

UV02 – The UV Box keeps your items sanitized with a UV light that sterilizes your phone, keys, or other small gadgets, keeping them nice and clean. Simply plug it in and connect to a power supply. The lights on the top and bottom will sterilize your items. This box has a nice imprint area on top for showing off your logo. Great for offices, waiting rooms or a tradeshow booth!

UV03 – The UV Box Deluxe is another great option for sanitizing your accessories. This box has a deeper pocket, allowing you to sterilize more items. Plug into a power source and get your things will become sanitized in no time! Perfect to have on your desk!

SC21-US – Our best selling promo product of all time is the Spray & Wipe. The anti-microbial spray keeps phones free of germs and grime. Just spray on your phone and wipe the germs away with microfiber cloth that’s attached. These are one of the most useful promotional products on the market. These make great giveaways…use these at your next event!

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