ASI Chicago Show 2019

This past week, our team headed up to the Windy City to attend the ASI Chicago Show. Tempted by all that Chicago had to offer (deep dish pizza), we were on a mission–to share our hot, new products with potential customers such as yourself. We had the opportunity to talk to hundreds of distributors attending the event and show off our amazing new products such as the ST01B-US, UV01, WB07 and many more.



We handed out the TL14-US as our free giveaway and it was a HIT! The Utility Card includes a ruler, letter opener, box opener, screwdriver and a bottle opener just to name a few.

One distributor said, “It’s nice to have a credit card sized tool that has so many functions. Just slip it in your wallet and you’re good to go.”


We were so excited to show off our hot and new products. Here are some GREAT uses you can get out of our most popular items.

WB07 – Have you ever brought your phone to the beach and gotten it covered in sand or splashed by water? Our Dry Bag is a 2-liter weatherproof bag that keeps all of your items dry and safe from water. This bag not only protects your items from these elements, but it also has a plastic cover that allows you to use your phone while staying covered. This is a summer time necessity.

ST01B-US – The fight against plastic straw use is a topic the world can’t stop talking about. According to National Geographic, “One study published earlier this year estimated as many as 8.3 billion plastic straws pollute the world’s beaches.” The Marvinstone Pro is the ultimate solution to this issue. The Marvinstone Pro is a metal, reusable, eco-friendly, rubber tipped alternative to the harmful plastic straws that have been filling our oceans.

UV01 – Sunburns. We’ve all been there. You’re out by the pool all day and somehow time gets away. Next thing you know, you’re the color of a tomato. Then you’re stuck thinking, “if only I just remembered to put on sunscreen.” The UV Sun Band is here to help. The central part of the band changes color depending on the intensity of the UV radiation. It can check low, moderate, high and extreme levels of sun UV radiation in seconds of sun exposure. This bracelet will always alert you about potential overexposure to the sun’s harmful UV rays. So no more forgetting to put on sunscreen.

An Important Tool While Working From Home

There’s a lot going on right now with school closures and big events getting cancelled. Many of us are practicing our social distancing by working from home. We have the perfect tool to help with that!

The Power Pulse Plus (SP76) is ideal for use when working from home! Have a phone that’s low on a charge and you have an important conference call? No problem.  Not only does it charge your phone while your sitting at your desk, but you can also make and take calls at the same time! This product has a microphone so when connected via bluetooth, you can make a call by using your phone to choose the number, or double tap the play button on the speaker to call the last person who called. You can receive a call by pressing the play button to answer.   It can also be used to ‘ask Siri’ for the latest updates on news reports, etc. This is a must have for your home office! It can really be used anywhere at home; in the kitchen while preparing dinner, playing games with the family, in the bathroom while getting a shower or in your home gym. Everyone can benefit from the Power Pulse Plus!

Working From Home

Are you working from home because of the recent health risks? Like many people, you probably are already or are making plans to in the future. We’ve had several customer reach out asking about Work From Home items. So, we’ve constructed the perfect Remote Work Kit! Let’s take a look into the items in this kit and see why we chose them.

The Remote Work Kit includes:

It’s very important to keep your hands away from your face to prevent the spread of germs. Why not grab a TT02 Spinner to keep your hands busy? This great accessory will entertain for hours while relieving stress and anxiety.

The EB47 Fit Buds can pair to any laptop that is Bluetooth enabled so these can help with video conference calls while you work from home. These great bluetooth earbuds fit easily and securely in your ear and won’t fall out. These will keep you in the zone and you will maintain minimal distraction while working.

You can never have too many chargers handy. The CB34 Key-Cable gives you all the connections you need while at home. It has Type-C, Lightning, and standard USB connections. You just need a standard USB port and you’re ready to go! Stay charged up while working!

Optional Accessory

Meet the OM14 Lobster Wireless Mouse. This Full sized wireless mouse is small and portable and has a very comfortable feel, making it easy when working from home. Unfold the mouse and the Lobster fits in the palm of your hand. The receiver is small and you can also leave this mouse plugged into your laptop. Get smooth cursor control with high-def optical tracking. This is perfect for using in your home office.

All of your imprinted items will come securely packaged in this nice white cardboard box.

To place an order please email us at salesteam@logoincluded.com

Grab Yours Today!

Remain Germ-Free with these Promo Items

Did you know your phone is one of the dirtiest objects you come in contact with everyday? Keeping your items at work and home clean is always a priority. It can sometimes be challenging, but we have the items you need to keep your areas sanitized and germ-free!

UV02 – The UV Box keeps your items sanitized with a UV light that sterilizes your phone, keys, or other small gadgets, keeping them nice and clean. Simply plug it in and connect to a power supply. The lights on the top and bottom will sterilize your items. This box has a nice imprint area on top for showing off your logo. Great for offices, waiting rooms or a tradeshow booth!

UV03 – The UV Box Deluxe is another great option for sanitizing your accessories. This box has a deeper pocket, allowing you to sterilize more items. Plug into a power source and get your things will become sanitized in no time! Perfect to have on your desk!

SC21-US – Our best selling promo product of all time is the Spray & Wipe. The anti-microbial spray keeps phones free of germs and grime. Just spray on your phone and wipe the germs away with microfiber cloth that’s attached. These are one of the most useful promotional products on the market. These make great giveaways…use these at your next event!

Spring Forward With These Cool Items

Spring is upon us and that means warmer weather, outdoor gatherings and Earth Day. We have many items that are perfect for your outdoor activities as well as Eco Friendly products. Check out these great giveaways for your next event!

ST04-US The Eco Wheat Straw is a great giveaway item at any event. This is trendy and Eco Friendly! The carrying case itself is made of biodegradable wheat straw, minus the carabiner. Open the case to reveal our one-of-a-kind, patented design stainless straw! This straw can be used with any size cup, has a black silicone tip, and comes with a great cleaning brush. Get yours today!

CT06 Give your customers a way to relax after working out or being in the heat with this Sublimated RPET Coldfront towel.  It’s made of Recycled Plastic Bottles and wraps around your head, neck, shoulders, or anywhere. Stay cool while helping the environment!

The TL12-US and TL13-US Blinder & Blinder Mini are cool and interesting takes on a standard flashlight. These illuminate in 360 degrees just like a lantern, but they use a COB ultra-bright LED light. They have convenient handles that you can use to hang or hold.

The TL07-US SOS Torch is the ultimate safety preparedness flashlight! With a LED Flashlight, Solid Red Beacon light, and Blinking Red Light for emergency situations.

The TL08-US Hang Light is a nice LED flashlight that works great for those who travel on foot, hike, or backpack! It’s perfect for hanging from your backpack strap, purse, or bag.

Never overheat when you have the FN05 Deluxe Fan handy! This accessory puts the power of a cool breeze in the palm of your hand. Simply plug the unit into your smartphone and enjoy refreshing, cool air wherever you are. The Deluxe Fan is compatible with the latest and older model smartphones. Take this with you to a concert, picnic and sporting event and be the envy of all your friends!

Wireless Chargers

Wires? What wires? All of those messy wires can be frustrating. We have a solution…Wireless Chargers! We have several unique wireless Qi chargers to choose from.

The Suction Charge Pad (WC20) is a slim and compact Qi wireless charger that is convenient for everyone. You just suction your phone to it and charge while in use! Charge while you’re in your car, sitting at your desk, or playing games on your phone at home. No worries here as Suction Charge Pad will stay secure on your phone and charge it fast!

The Qi Certified Wireless Charge Pad (WC23) is lightweight and sleek charger with rubber stoppers on the bottom so that it doesn’t slide. This is the perfect charger for travel as it takes up very little space in your bag or on your desktop. It has dual USB ports so that you can charge two devices at once. Add a full color logo on your charger to showcase your brand!

Phone charging is made so easy with the Magnetic Charge Mount (WC17)! Simply stick it on your vent and attach the magnetic sticker to your phone. This strong magnet ensures that your phone won’t budge. This charger also makes navigating or hands free calling a breeze while driving. And you don’t have to worry about using up battery life as it charges while in use!

New Premium Earbuds

Have you heard the news? We have new Premium Earbuds! We have them in stock and can ship them in 24 hours.

The Wireless Pods have comfortable silicone tips and these fit easily and securely in your ear, come with a charging cable and have a great full color imprint area on top of the case. The bluetooth pods are ABS and silicone and have a50 mAh battery.

The EarMigos Pro are similar to the EarMigos Plus with a noise isolating feature creating incredible sound quality. These have call/answer ability with a touch style approach and no buttons.

The Wireless Earbuds have a great noise cancelling feature for premium sound. The earbuds have a magnetic design and secure fit so you can experience comfort while making and placing calls. These also have a long lasting battery life providing a super long play time up to 40 hrs!

Domestic Stock

While we wait for our overseas factories to reopen, we have domestic stock in house. Below are a few of our popular items we currently have in stock. We can imprint a full color logo on your item and can ship in 24 hours!

The Wireless Pods are packaged in a nice, black case. With the comfortable silicone tips, these fit easily and securely in your ear and come with a charging cable.The bluetooth pods are ABS and silicone and have a 50 mAh battery. Full color logo imprint is available.

The Charge Max is an AC adapter with type C fast charging. Charge your type C mobile devices from 0 to 85% in about 30 minutes.This has one 18W PD and one 5V 2.4A USB AC charging port. This quick charging device is a must have for everyone!

The Wireless Charge Pad is sleek and has a Full Color Logo Option. It has rubber stoppers on the bottom so that it doesn’t slide. This is a good travel option as it takes up very little space in your bag. It has dual USB ports so that you can charge two devices at once!

For more information on our other Domestic items as well as our full line of products, please visit our website at www.logoincluded.com

The Coronavirus and Chinese New Year

LogoIncluded Distributor Partners,

As I am sure you have heard, the Coronavirus has created a terrible situation on Mainland China.  I realize this has created some uncertainty in the market and  I wanted to give you the best information we have at this moment to help give you an idea what we are expecting next week.  

In order to prevent the Coronavirus from becoming an epidemic and to stop the spread, the Chinese government has quarantined some areas of China ( primarily the Wuhan area), and extended Chinese New Year another week in order to help prevent further spread.   We are still seeing infections increasing daily, but it seems that factories are going to attempt to reopen next Monday, however they are expecting there to be issues for another week or two which could potentially delay production.  Some factory workers are not going to be able to leave their homes due to quarantine to return to work next week.   Upstream suppliers for our factories will face similar issues which could potentially delay production in the next week or two.  There will also be a huge backlog of product needing to be shipped out of China and with Passenger flights to China being canceled all of this lift will have to go through Fedex , DHL, or UPS planes only, so we would expect to see delays of a few days waiting for space on a plane for good to ship to the US.  Once in the air transit times to our office are typically 2 days.

At this time the situation is still very fluid, and we are monitoring it very closely.  We appreciate your patience and partnership and will update you as we get any new information.  Please know that we are working diligently to make sure this has minimal impact on you and your customers.   This only applies to our overseas products, we still have plenty of domestic stock on all of our most popular products including USB drives to serve you and your customers quickly.    


Alex Harrod

Biodegradable Wheat Grass Cases

We have 100% biodegradable Wheat Grass cases. These come standard with our ST04-US Eco Wheat Straw but can also be purchased separately as an addition to our other products. Don’t miss out!

A case will pair well with these products.

The ST04-US is a customer favorite. The Eco Wheat Straw is a practical item. Get yours today! Order an extra wheat grass case as well. It never hurts to have a backup!

Add an Eco Wheat Straw case when you order cannabis products. The case is a great storage container for marijuana products. Place them in the case to keep them safe! Package these with the RP01 and RP02 Rolling Papers or the HG02 Grinder.

Consider ordering a Wheat Straw case for your ST01B-US Marvinstone Pro. It’s another great alternative to store your stainless steel straw.

In Case You Missed Us…

We have many new additions to our product line. Here are a few that were featured at PPAI Expo.

MG01 is a new and very popular product. This massager has 6 different speed settings and 4 attachment options and it’s packaged into a nice and sleek box! Perfect to use after a workout or a long day at the office. You “knead” this!

AC20-US is a new PD (power delivery) fast charging device. It can charge newer phones that support PD charging from 0 to 100% in about 45 minutes. Grab one of these fast!

CT06 is a coldfront towel made of RPET Recycled Plastic Bottles. This towel is stylish, yet Eco Friendly and easily wraps around your head, neck or shoulders. You can wet it, squeeze out the excess water, grab each end and snap it tight!