PPAI New Products

Thanks to those who were able to come by and visit us at PPAI EXPO!

Here are some of our new and popular products that were showcased…

MG01 is one of our hot and new products. This massage gun comes with 4 attachments and has 4 settings. Perfect to use after a workout or a long day at the office.

The UV02 sanitizing case keeps your phone, keys and other personal items free from germs and bacteria. Plug it in and your items are clean in about 10 minutes!

JB48-US is a power bank that attaches to your phone with suction cups. It allows you to use your phone while charging!

The ST04-US is a reusable straw that everyone will love! The biodegradable case is made of wheat straw and includes a cleaning brush.

CT05 and CT06 are cooling towels made of RPET recycled bottles. These are perfect for use after a workout or while playing sports.

We have lanyards! LY1201 is a lanyard made of bamboo fibers. The eco friendly customer would enjoy wearing one of these!

Speaking of lanyards, we have the best priced lanyards in the industry. We offer any size, any color, any attachment. See all of our lanyards here. Don’t see what you want? No problem…we can customize your lanyards to fit your needs as well!

We have other great products we well!

Cannabis products are growing in popularity. We offer rolling papers, grinders, tins and trays. Please check out our website for more information.

The EB49-US earbuds have a noise cancelling feature and offers up to 40 hours of playtime.

SC23-US is an all-in-one screen cleaning spray and microfiber cloth for your phone. Keep this handy in your bag or purse.

We have many other items as well. Please see our website to view our full line of products.

New PD Chargers

Have you ever heard of PD chargers?

PD (Power Delivery) Charging is a new type of USB C fast charging supported by newer phones which can charge phones from 0 to 100% in about 45 minutes.

We offer two new PD chargers…

The CA10-US Charge Pro the ultimate car charging accessory.  This features a 48 Watt Total output using the new PD (Power Delivery) USB Type for 30 Watts and a QC3.0 USB with 18 Watts output.  Charge like a Pro!

The AC20-US Charge Max is another PD charging accessory with a 18W PD and 5V 2.4A USB AC PD Charger. It is compact and lightweight, with a large imprint area on the side. With dual ports, you can charge multiple devices at once! This is the perfect wall charger for a person on the go!

Last Minute Holiday Gifts

The Holidays are quickly approaching. Need a last minute gift? Let us help you wrap up your list! We have some great items that would be ideal for everyone!

The Reverb (SP71) The Reverb is a unique is a unique and portable speaker. Featuring two speakers for left and right stereo playback, the Reverb delivers a clear and immersive sound experience. These mini wireless speakers come with a four hour battery life and a micro USB port for convenient charging. A pair of silicon stands and travel ropes are also included to make these speakers easily portable. Keep them at your desk or in your bag for clear, stereo sound wherever you go.

Looking for something else? Check out these items…

The EarMigos Plus (EB45-US) are just like our original EarMigos, but with a slimmer and more compact design. The Earbuds are much smaller and the case is slimmer and more compact that still charge the earbuds when inserted. These still have call/answer ability, and have been upgraded to a touch style approach.

The Quick Kit (EK111) has everything you need for a QI charger so you’ll always be able to plug in your phone and start charging right away. Included is a wireless charger, a micro-USB cable, and a quick charging power adapter so that your phone charges fast! Simply connect everything together, plug it into the wall, and drop your Qi-enabled phone on the charger.

Wireless Charge Pads

Tired of getting tangled up in all of those cords and trying to figure out which one goes where? Try a wireless charge pad and clean up the mess. Our Juice Box Onyx and Juice Box Onyx Plus are two great items that are perfect for anyone!

The Juice Box Onyx combines the portable reliability of a 4000mAh powerbank with a wireless charging pad. Charge any device with USB, or charge your phone by setting it down on the center of the Juice Box Onyx. This is a quick and easy way to juice up your phone! It’s slim, compact and you can take it with you anywhere. Add a full color logo to the Onyx and show everyone how you power up!

Love the features of the Juice Box Onyx but need a little extra? Try the Juice Box Onyx Plus which is a 10000mAh powerbank with multiple charging options. Simply charge USB or place the phone on top for a wireless charge. 

ASI Promotional Product of the Year

ASI is composed of suppliers who create, source and imprint products along with distributors who market and sell imprinted promotional products to their clients. Each year ASI awards a promotional product of the year and this year’s award goes to …the reusable straw!

This straw sucks the most!

ST04-US – Get ready to ditch the plastic and say HAY when you try the Eco Wheat Straw! The carrying case itself is made of biodegradable wheat straw, minus the carabiner. Open the case to reveal our one-of-a-kind, patented design stainless steel straw. The straw can be used with any size cup. It has a black silicone tip and comes with a great cleaning brush. The Eco Wheat Straw is compact and can fit in your pocket or purse so that you can take it with you on-the-go. Keep up with the latest trends and maintain popularity with your clients when showcasing this hot product!

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Travel Kits

LogoIncluded offers great Travel Kits to meet the needs of any situation. Never get caught with a dead battery again when you have one of our Travel Kits handy! These are a necessity for the frequent traveler or the Businessman on-the-go.

Stay on top of things when you have The Quick Kit by your side! This has everything you need and you can plug in your phone and charge immediately. It includes a wireless charger plus a micro-USB cable to power it up and a quick charging power adapter for a fast and effective charge. Just connect everything together, plug it into the wall, and drop your Qi-enabled phone on the charger. It’s that simple. Plus, it is packaged in a nice black box with the option to imprint right on top.

There’s no better travel partner than the Charge N Travel Kit. It has everything you’ll ever need to make sure your device stays charged. This includes a 2200mAh Portable Charger and a 4 Port USB AC Charger with a fold out plug. In addition it features a cable with USB, iPhone, Type-C USB and Micro-USB charging connectors. This kit will save you in any charging emergency!

More Travel Accessories

In addition to our Travel Kits, we offer many other accessories essential for your traveling needs.

This PS02 Mini USB Shaver is convenient and lightweight. Just connect with the USB output on your favorite power bank or another mobile device with the micro USB output. Or try the PS03 Mini Type-C Shaver which has an Apple connector and fits any Type-C device. It can be used in your car or keep it in your desk drawer at work in case of a sneaky 5 o’clock shadow. Quick and easy!

The Dual Power Box is a small, compact, and can hold up to 5000mAh per charge. What makes this power bank unique is that it allows you to charge two devices at the same time with it’s two standard USB ports.  Add a full color logo so that your company can be displayed for everyone to see!

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4th Quarter Top Sellers

Need suggestion for a great gift? LogoIncluded has some great products that are sure to please anyone!

The Power Pulse Plus is one of our top sellers. This all-in-one speaker plays music via bluetooth and charges your phone wirelessly. It has a microphone so that can be used to make and take calls! Take it camping, blast tunes by the pool, or just play some music in your backyard!

The Pocket Buds are great wireless earbuds that hold up to a 35mAh charge. They have an ergonomic, Apple-inspired shape and have a bluetooth feature that allows you to pickup and answer calls. These also come with a handy charging case which make them perfect for use at the gym or travelling!

The On-The-Go Kit is the perfect travel partner. Your device will always stay charged! The kit includes a 2200mAh Portable Charger, 4 Port USB AC Charger with a fold out plug, and a cable with USB, iPhone, Type-C USB, and Micro-USB charging connectors. Keep this on hand in case of an emergency!

Try the Wireless Charge Stand. Charging your phone has never been easier! This charger that sits at the perfect angle for standing your phone. Just set down your latest Qi integrated smartphone on the stand and it charges without cords or cables.

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Tradeshow Giveaways!

Logoincluded has some fresh giveaway ideas for your next show! Leave a lasting impression when you place your corporate logo onto one of our great items. We have something for everyone and it will leave people coming back for more!

Get ready to ditch the plastic when you try our Eco Wheat Straw! Say HAY to the one-of-a-kind, patented design stainless steel straw! The carrying case itself is made of biodegradable wheat straw, minus the carabiner. This straw can be used with any size cup, has a black silicone tip, and comes with a great cleaning brush. 

Our all-in-one screen cleaning spray and microfiber cloth will be a HIT at your next show! It has a gentle microfiber cloth attached that easily removes smudge, dirt, dust and fingerprints from all screens. It’s the perfect size for laptops, phones, and desktop screens. You can refill anytime you’d like with a cleaning liquid of your choice. The Spray & Wipe not only conveniently combines the wipe and the spray into one, but its design allows for a squeaky clean screen without leaving behind streaking or residue. Who can’t find one of these useful?

Customers can grab these and go! The Capsule Earbuds have built in Bluetooth and let you connect to your phone with no cables. The earbuds store neatly in their capsule case, which features a silicon loop cap and an impressive imprint area! Everyone will rush to your booth when they hear you have these!

Don’t leave people hanging…give them light! The Hang Light is a great flashlight for outdoor activities. It hangs or clips onto most anything with a carabiner. Three LED light settings are also featured. Be ready for the dark and take the Hang Light to brighten the way!

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