Holiday Ideas!

Madness at the mall and parties to plan. It’s that time of year again!

The Holidays are upon us and it can be a stressful process when it comes to choosing that perfect item for everyone on your list. Let LogoIncluded help you out with your Holiday Gift needs. Have a hard-to-shop-for client? No problem. We have something that even the pickiest person will love! Your presents will be requested by all with these trendy items!

The EB45-US Earmigos Plus is our top selling item this Holiday season! This is a perfect gift for anyone. Our Bluetooth earbuds are designed to fit comfortably in your ears. Similar to the Apple Airpods, these have the ‘touch-tap’ feature to take calls and listening to music easily. Looks great with a company logo!

Our SP76 Power Pulse Plus is a great corporate gift! You can make and take calls on this speaker as well as listen to music. In addition, you can lay your phone on the top for a wireless charge. Who wouldn’t find this useful?

This EK111 Quick Kit has everything that you need. The traveler would surely appreciate this Holiday gift! wireless charger, a micro-USB cable and a quick charging power adapter. It’s conveniently packaged in a nice executive box.

Need Some Stocking Stuffers?

ST04-US – Ditch the plastic straws and say hay to the the Eco Wheat Straw is perfect for those who prefer environmentally friendly products. They will love having a reusable straw that comes with a biodegradable wheat straw case and a cleaning brush.

TL13-US -The Blinder Mini will definitely make your Holidays brighter! It is a small lantern in size but gives off big light with its ultra bright LED. Great for the outdoors, emergency prep, and college dorm rooms.

WC20 – Stick with the Suction Cup Charge Pad for the Holidays. This unique device suctions to the back of your phone and allows you to use it while it’s charging. Perfect for everyone!

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New Portable Shavers!

Our new shavers are sure to make life easy when you’re in a hurry! Small and compact, these are offered with two different plug options to satisfy any charging need. Both also include a mini brush and small carrying bag for easy transport!

This PS02 Mini USB Shaver is convenient and lightweight. You can use this in your car or even in keep it in your desk drawer at work in case of an emergency. This shaver features two charging options. Got an important meeting and forgot to shave? No problem! Just grab the shaver and plug it into a powerbank for immediate use. You can also raise up the top the charger up to reveal an Android attachment underneath which plugs directly into your phone.

You can definitely shave some time off your busy schedule when you use the PS03 Mini Type-C Shaver! It is like the PS02 except it features a Type-C charger. Just plug into a Type-C device and it’s ready for use!

Why would I need this? I have a razor.

The Portable Shaver is a great item to have on-the-go! If you’re driving down the road and realized you ‘missed a spot‘… no problem. The Shaver will be a life saver! Have a last minute meeting and forgot to shave? Make sure you have the Portable Shaver handy!

Where could I use this?

There are multiple places you can use the Portable Shaver. After a workout at the gym, at the office, in your car. Keep it handy in your briefcase or at home if you run out of razors and need a quick shave. The possibilities are endless!

Who would want to use this?

The Portable Shaver is great for the businessman on-the-go and frequent travelers. But it doesn’t have to stop there. Everyone can benefit from this small, yet powerful device! Don’t leave home without it!

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LogoIncluded’s New and Improved Website Launch!

LogoIncluded has officially launched their brand new website. It is now up and running for your viewing pleasure! Check it out here and give us your feedback.

We took your requests and we made it happen! With an updated search engine, it’s now easier than ever to find exactly what you’re looking for – it’s quick, it’s easy, and it’s attractive to look at… It’s LogoIncluded, new and improved!

So many options straight from our homepage! Easily rate us as your favorite supplier. View our hottest new products and trending seasonal ideas. Need Canadian pricing, eh? No problem! Switch to our Canadian site with one click. Not quite sure what it is you’re looking for? Search through our in-depth menu bar to get ideas.

Say goodbye to tabs… see ya never!

Everything you need all on one product page! Pricing, photos, specs and more. You can request a mockup or sample directly from the product page with just one click! And don’t forget, our reliable chat service is always willing to answer any questions you have M-F, 8am-8pm EST.

Check it out for yourself!

PPPC Natcon Show 2019

The LI team ventured out to Toronto for the PPPC Natcon Show September 10 & 11. We really enjoyed the nice change in weather from the 90° heat here in HOTlanta. We met with several great distributors and showed off our new products. In case you missed us, some of the great products we showcased were EB45-US, UV01 and SC21-US.


We gave away the ST01B-US as a free giveaway. This hot item definitely sucked up everyone’s attention! If you haven’t seen our stainless steel straw, request a sample so you can ditch the plastic and join the craze.


More popular products we featured at the show!

EB45-US – EarMigos Plus is our version of the AirPods! Sleek wireless earbuds in a handy charging case. Works with any bluetooth enabled phone.

UV01 – UV Sun Band is a revolutionary band that changes color to inform when you’ve been overexposed to the sun. This is a game changer for the promo industry!

SC21-US – Spray & Wipe US makes it easy! Simply spray on your screen and wipe away the dust and filth from your device. It’s cute, easy and catches people’s eye!

Magnetic Charge Mount

The Magnetic Charge Mount (WC17) might be what you are missing in your life! This wireless charger fits any size Qi enabled smartphone and adjusts to any air vent. The product is simple: place the charge mount on your vent in your car, attach the magnetic sticker to the back of your phone, and stick it on! No more messing with annoying cords, this futuristic wireless charger makes life so much easier.

Its lightning fast charging really makes a difference in your car rides. If you hit a speed bump, you don’t have to worry about your phone or mount falling, it stays secure and in place. This sleek mount is attractive, not too clunky and works exactly as advertised!

The strong magnet you stick on your phone won’t damage your phone or interfere with your cell service in any way. This mount will keep you from getting distracted on the road from holding your phone. Not only is it easier, it’s safer.

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Charging Your Phone Has Never Been Easier

When you are going on vacation or attending a sporting event, keeping your electronics charged is crucial. Powerbanks are common these days because they provide portable power to charge devices anywhere from your cell phone, to battery powered headphones and speakers. We are introducing two of our favorites, the Juice Box Onyx and the Dual Power Box.

Juice Box Onyx (JB40-US)

This 4000mAh powerbank is a wireless charging pad that is not only portable, but reliable! This charge pad allows you to charge any device with a USB, or simply charge your phone by setting it down on the center of the powerbank. How easy is that?

Dual Power Box (JB39-US)

The Dual Power Box is something to get excited about! What makes this powerbank so unique is that its 5000mAh capacity can charge 2 USB devices at once. Not to mention, this powerbank is much smaller! Not only is it easy to carry around, but is so powerful!

Key-Cable (CB34-US)

What else do you need to go along with these powerbanks? A keychain cable! With Type-C, Lightning and standard USB connections, this keychain is perfect for iPhone and Android users. This makes it easy to go anywhere without having to drag your entire cables around to charge your devices.

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Suction Charge Pad

Here at LogoIncluded, we are reinventing wireless charging with our brand new, Suction Charge Pad! This is unlike any other wireless charger we sell. What make it so different? It suctions to the back of your phone allowing you to continue on with your daily tasks like texting, answering calls, and playing games, while continuing to charge your phone. While our other wireless chargers are great and functional, the Suction Charge Pad takes it to a whole new level.

How does it work?

Plug the charging cord into a working USB port and suction the unit onto the back of your phone. Now, your phone is charging and you’re able to pick it up to answer that important phone call while not wasting valuable charging time! Whether you are in your car, sitting at your desk, or playing games on your phone, you can guarantee that your phone is still charging!


The WC20 has a sleek aesthetic to it. It’s compact, slim, lightweight, and has strong suction cups. This new and improved Qi wireless charger allows you to get your daily tasks done while still getting a charge. Are you ready to give it a try? Email our sales team today for your sample!

Check out this video!

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Tailgate Season!

It’s about to be the best season of the year. TAILGATING SEASON! Football, friends, food, music and sunshine. It really doesn’t get much better than that. The cardinal rule of tailgating is that you can’t show up empty-handed. Of course, you can bring food or drinks, but what about the items everyone forgets to bring. The KEY items that make a tailgate GREAT compared to good. We are here to provide you with these game-changing items that will ensure you have an amazing Saturday.


Our UV Sun Band is exactly what you need this tailgating season. Remembering to put sunscreen on at the beach or pool is so much more natural than it is for a tailgate. Why is that? We’re exposed to just as much UV radiation, but it’s so easy to get distracted by all the fun. The central part of the band changes color depending on the intensity of the UV radiation. It can check low, moderate, high and extreme levels of sun UV radiation in seconds of sun exposure. This bracelet will always alert you about potential overexposure to the sun’s harmful UV rays. So no more forgetting to put on sunscreen.


BO14-US – You’re at a tailgate, it’s hot outside and all you want is a nice cold drink. You pick up the drink and you realize you have nothing to open it with. The Card Cracker is here to make sure that doesn’t happen again. This credit card sized bottle opener fits right in your pocket or wallet, so you’ll always have it on you.

SP76-US – Take a second and think about all the fun events you’ve been to. What’s one thing they all have in common? MUSIC! The Power Pulse Plus is the perfect sized speaker to bring to a tailgate. This 4.5″ x 3.5″ Bluetooth speaker has incredible sound quality AND it also functions as a wireless phone charger.

JB39-US – The stress of having a dead phone on a game day is terrifying. Walking around a stadium trying to find your friends with no form of communication is overwhelming. The Dual Power Box is a 5000mAh powerbank that can charge two devices simultaneously. Enjoy your day a bit more with this device.

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ASI Chicago Show 2019

This past week, our team headed up to the Windy City to attend the ASI Chicago Show. Tempted by all that Chicago had to offer (deep dish pizza), we were on a mission–to share our hot, new products with potential customers such as yourself. We had the opportunity to talk to hundreds of distributors attending the event and show off our amazing new products such as the ST01B-US, UV01, WB07 and many more.



We handed out the TL14-US as our free giveaway and it was a HIT! The Utility Card includes a ruler, letter opener, box opener, screwdriver and a bottle opener just to name a few.

One distributor said, “It’s nice to have a credit card sized tool that has so many functions. Just slip it in your wallet and you’re good to go.”


We were so excited to show off our hot and new products. Here are some GREAT uses you can get out of our most popular items.

WB07 – Have you ever brought your phone to the beach and gotten it covered in sand or splashed by water? Our Dry Bag is a 2-liter weatherproof bag that keeps all of your items dry and safe from water. This bag not only protects your items from these elements, but it also has a plastic cover that allows you to use your phone while staying covered. This is a summer time necessity.

ST01B-US – The fight against plastic straw use is a topic the world can’t stop talking about. According to National Geographic, “One study published earlier this year estimated as many as 8.3 billion plastic straws pollute the world’s beaches.” The Marvinstone Pro is the ultimate solution to this issue. The Marvinstone Pro is a metal, reusable, eco-friendly, rubber tipped alternative to the harmful plastic straws that have been filling our oceans.

UV01 – Sunburns. We’ve all been there. You’re out by the pool all day and somehow time gets away. Next thing you know, you’re the color of a tomato. Then you’re stuck thinking, “if only I just remembered to put on sunscreen.” The UV Sun Band is here to help. The central part of the band changes color depending on the intensity of the UV radiation. It can check low, moderate, high and extreme levels of sun UV radiation in seconds of sun exposure. This bracelet will always alert you about potential overexposure to the sun’s harmful UV rays. So no more forgetting to put on sunscreen.